Why This Course and How Will it Help You?

We have entered the age of the entrepreneur. More people than ever are taking up the idea to start their own business or have started a business and wish to take it to the next level.

We also live in the the age of internet and automation; providing a tremendous opportunity for both someone starting out and an existing business owner to maximize growth with little additional overhead.

We want to help one million people realize their potential by helping them utilize a platform that ties everything they need together into one interconnected package.

If you are a solopreneur or own a company with tens of thousands of employees, you can use the platform shown in this course effortlessly. It provides ease of use that you’ll notice immediately once you start your trial. It is very intuitive.

What we’ve learned over the years of helping thousands of people and teams implement platforms like this, is to make the instruction as simple as possible. It does not good to take the time to develop a course and have someone start a trial only to get frustrated and not want to use it because it wasn’t delivered right.

Instead of listing and going over features, we opted to go through the actionable ways you could start using this platform - starting today. Our objective is to get you on your feet quickly - to want to start using it - and ultimately motivate you (and your team) to build the habit and muscle memory to integrate this into your daily professional life.

All of the tools are here for you to kick ass in your business, regardless of the business.

Although the fictitious company in the course is a pool and spa service company, you can apply the basics presented for your own business. What is nice about this platform is that it does allow you to highly customize and automate your business. We do not go into too much technical customization in this course; we have other courses that dive into those aspects.

Again, the objective here is to get you “feeling” for how it works and ways you can start incorporating it into your daily life.

You can whip through this in a day or over a couple of days...it will provide you the basis to succeed from. If you would like personalized assistance while going through this course or after to further customize and maximize, simply reach out to our company at: www.edkinsgroup.com.

We look forward to your success. Please let us know how we can make this better.

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